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Naturally Inspired Play

Snail-Shaped Wooden Sensory Tray

Snail-Shaped Wooden Sensory Tray

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Nurture Nature, Inspire Play

Discover the enchantment of nature with our Snail-Shaped Wooden Sensory Tray, crafted from Ontario-grown walnut harvested right from our family farm. This beautifully designed tray combines natural elegance with educational fun, providing a unique sensory experience for children.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Manipulating small objects within the tray, such as beads, sand, or water, helps children develop precise hand-eye coordination.
  • Tactile Stimulation: Different textures like sand, water, and rice stimulate the sense of touch, helping children to differentiate between various tactile sensations.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Activities like sorting and categorizing objects within the tray promote critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Calming Effect: Sensory play is known to have a soothing effect on children, helping them manage stress and anxiety.
  • Counting and Sorting: Placing objects in the tray and sorting them by size, color, or type introduces basic mathematical concepts like counting, grouping, and patterning.

Our Snail-Shaped Wooden Sensory Tray is more than a plaything—it's a bridge to nature and a gateway to learning. By integrating natural materials and imaginative design, we provide children with an enriching sensory experience that supports their developmental milestones in a fun and engaging way. Bring the wonders of our family farm into your home and let your child embark on a journey of discovery and growth.

Wood: Ontario Grown Walnut

Age Group: 1 year and up


  • Board is approximately 8.75 inches long, 8.75 inches wide and 1 inch deep

Learning Skills: Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Play, Basic Math, Sorting, Dexterity, Emotional Regulation.

Our Commitment to You:

  • Product parts are meticulously sanded and checked to help ensure a safe and fun play experience.
  • Products are finished with food grade mineral oil.
  • Products are all independently tested by Cambridge Material Testing Limited in Mississauga, Ontario to ensure they meet US and Canadian Safety Standards.
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