The Magic of Wooden Toys: Why We Love Them

The Magic of Wooden Toys: Why We Love Them


In our house, with two energetic boys, we've seen our fair share of toys come and go. Every parent and care provider knows the sinking feeling of seeing a newly acquired toy meet its demise within hours or days. Memories of Christmas 2022 when a beloved gel filled ball exploded on the drive home, soaking both or son and our back seat.

Our boys love to play rough and tumble, but many toys just can't keep up. Plastic ones, especially, seem to break almost as soon as they're out of the box. It's disappointing for us as parents and frustrating for the kids.

What's even more concerning is how these toys can limit creativity. Plastic toys often come with flashing lights and sounds, leaving little room for kids to make up their own games. Wooden toys, on the other hand, are simple and open-ended. A wooden block can be anything from a tower to a spaceship, depending on the child's imagination.

We also love how wooden toys encourage outdoor play. A stick from the backyard can become a magic wand or a sword, sparking endless adventures. Wooden toys feel more connected to nature, with their natural textures and colors.

For us, choosing wooden toys is about quality, creativity, and caring for the environment. Unlike their plastic counterparts, which often end up in landfills after a short lifespan, wooden toys are durable, resilient, and timeless.

In a world of fast-paced toys, wooden ones stand out for their timeless charm. They let our kids be kids, exploring and imagining without limits. And that's why we'll always have a soft spot for wooden toys in our home.


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