Welcome to Naturally Inspired Play! We are Nick and Katelyn Pittman, proud owners of this family-run business, nestled in the heart of Strathroy, Ontario.

Our inspiration comes from observing our boys play in the woods, where every fallen branch became a sword, every rock a treasure, and every tree a fortress. Those precious moments of unstructured play in nature unleashed their wild side, allowing their imaginations to run free. We loved that we could build them things that could withstand their exuberant play - so different to the commercial plastic toys that would bring them joy for a moment, but almost always end up quickly broken and in the garbage.

With this realization, Naturally Inspired Play was born. Starting as a hobby in our garage, moving to the growing business it is today. Our mission is simple: to provide children with natural wooden toys that ignite their creativity, nurture their imagination, and invite them to embrace the world around them.

Our toys are crafted from natural wood, carefully chosen for its durability, safety, and environmental sustainability. Many of the toys and play structures that you’ll find in the shop are based on our kids’ ideas. We develop prototypes and our kids test them - if something doesn’t work quite right or make sense, they are quick to point it out. We have lots of fun going through product testing together and all share in the accomplishment and pride of the finalized products.

We take pride in our minimal waste production, ensuring that our commitment to the planet aligns seamlessly with our dedication to children's play. Time is spent ensuring all cuttings, shavings and scrap pieces are put to use for other purposes.

Our products are designed to replicate the magic of those woodland adventures, encouraging children to explore, dream, and create without limits. Whether you live in the heart of a bustling city or on a rural homestead, Naturally Inspired Play brings a piece of nature to your doorstep. Our products are independently tested for safety at Cambridge Material Testing Limited in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We believe that every child, regardless of their surroundings, deserves the opportunity to safely experience the wonder of the great outdoors.

Nick and Katelyn Pittman
Owners, Naturally Inspired Play