Let’s talk play! Play is a fundamental aspect of childhood.
Increasingly, research emphasizes the importance of outdoor, unstructured play.
When children engage in outdoor play, they experience freedom of movement and
physical activity in various forms. This type of play fosters imagination,
positive emotions, and enhanced concentration.

Scotland and Australia are pioneers in promoting outdoor
early learning. Canada is gradually recognizing the numerous benefits of
outdoor play-based education. Evidence of this shift can be seen in childcare
providers such as the YMCA, which are developing curriculum centred around
outdoor play.

We are partnering with childcare centres to nurture outdoor
play and reimagining early learning!

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Custom Playgrounds

At Naturally Inspired Play, we believe in the power of outdoor play to ignite children's imaginations, foster creativity, and promote healthy development. That's why we're dedicated to designing and creating innovative outdoor playgrounds tailored to your needs.

Designing for Exploration and Adventure

Our playground designs are not just about swings and slides; they're about creating immersive environments where children can explore, experiment, and embark on exciting adventures. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and tailor our designs to suit their unique space and requirements.

Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we mostly use cedar products in our designs. Cedar is not only durable and weather-resistant but also environmentally friendly. By opting for cedar, we minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing the longevity and sustainability of our playgrounds.

Promoting Risky Play

We believe in the importance of risky play in children's development. That's why our playgrounds are designed to encourage exploration, challenge, and adventure. Through climbing structures, balance beams, and other dynamic elements, we empower children to take calculated risks, build resilience, and develop essential life skills in a safe and controlled environment.

Movable Wood Play Equipment vs. Fixed Metal

Unlike fixed metal structures, our movable wood play equipment offers greater flexibility and adaptability. Wood is a natural material that blends harmoniously with outdoor environments, providing a warmer and more inviting play experience. Additionally, movable wood equipment allows for easier reconfiguration and customization, ensuring that the playground evolves with the changing needs of its users.

The Benefits of Outdoor Risky Play

Outdoor risky play offers a myriad of benefits for children's physical, cognitive, and emotional development. It promotes problem-solving skills, enhances coordination and balance, and fosters creativity and imagination. Moreover, engaging in risky play helps children build confidence, resilience, and self-esteem, preparing them to navigate challenges and embrace new opportunities with confidence.

Supporting Local Communities

By choosing Canadian wood, we not only prioritize sustainability but also support local businesses and communities. Our commitment to using locally sourced materials underscores our dedication to fostering a thriving and resilient economy while preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Transform Your Playground Today

Ready to transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and engaging playground? We invite you to reach out to us to discuss your project ideas and discover how we can bring your vision to life. Together, let's create a playground where children can learn, grow, and thrive through the power of outdoor play.